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What We Offer

Regional Juvenile Center

Multi-county, short-term locked program (2–90 days) with three residential living units for youth

Anoka County Secure

Locked unit, more long-term (up to 24 months; typically 90 days to 24 months).

Pines School Day Program

Students referred from corrections, juvenile court, social services, Centennial School District, or other local school districts. Students generally have several violations, academic challenges, or behavioral issues in a regular educational setting. These students require a continuity of teacher services in a small consistent, structured instructional setting.

Non-Secure Program

Youth referred by social services and corrections living in a non-secure residential program, after which they may transition home, to foster care or another living situation.

Additional Programming

Vocational programs in the Centennial Area Learning Center and Pines School help students develop a skill that makes them work-ready.

American Indian education coordinator provides cultural experience classes to more than 100 students in the Centennial District.